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Ground Floor, Collingwood Building, Black River Park, Fir Street, Observatory, 7925
Cape Town
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Misplon Green Building Consulting specialises in assisting property investors who are orientating their property portfolios towards “going green” and who need help in taking practical steps towards their goals.

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Energy Solutions

Together with its associate companies, Misplon Green Building Consulting offer the following energy efficiency solutions which will help you save time, money and keep the lights on

Smart metering (electricity and water)

A smart meter is a new kind of meter that replaces your existing regular meter and gives you real-time feedback on your energy usage and costs. Smart meters allow better insight and management of your energy usage provide you with more accurate bills. Contact us to find a solution that works for you!

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV Panels)

Solar power is a clean, secure and safe way to produce your own electricity and power your property. Solar power is an affordable investment that guarantees a return. As electricity costs continue to rise, going solar is the obvious answer to our energy needs. Contact us for a solution for your property.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Innovative, energy efficient lighting solutions for your home or business:-