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Misplon Green Building Consulting specialises in assisting property investors who are orientating their property portfolios towards “going green” and who need help in taking practical steps towards their goals.



Green Star Certification

A Green Star Certification is an independent and objective assessment of a property's green credentials. It recognises and rewards environmental leadership in the property industry.

 We offer the following Green Star Certifications services:-

Existing Building Performance Certification

An existing building performance rating focuses on the operations and management of a building and assesses the building over a performance period of up to 12 months. Energy and water monitoring, indoor environmental quality assessments and management policies and plans are some of the items required to  achieve the rating. The tool also addresses the relationship between the landlord and the tenant which encourages both parties to focus their efforts towards a common green goal and ultimately enjoy the shared benefits of the building’s improvements

Energy and Water Performance

This Green Star Energy and Water Performance tool is a mini rating tool which allows building and portfolio managers to compare the energy and water consumption of their existing office building to the consumption of other buildings alike. This Certification is a stand-alone rating or can be the first step of achieving an Existing Building Performance Rating.

New Buildings (Design/As built) Certification

A new building can be certified for a design rating which is awarded at the end of the design phase and recognises green building strategies incorporated in the design of the buildings.  It can be also be certified after practical completion for an as-built rating which rewards the building for sustainable procurement and implementation of green strategies.